Cyprus has won the geographic lottery. It has beaches, it has hilly terrains and when rest of the Europe is shivering with cold, it enjoys a Mediterranean weather. While the island does not have a huge landmass, it does have 10,000 years’ worth of history to explore. For a landmass that small, you will find everything from castles, monasteries, churches, and more. Cyprus sure has a lot to surprise and amaze you with and the best way to explore the island? On foot. So, here is a list of everything you will need when you go hiking in Cyprus.


Time It Right

Cyprus enjoys a nice weather, with December registering temperatures of 20oC, so many travellers actually choose the winter months for hiking. The awesome weather calls them out of the winters in the Europe and the heat in the Southern Hemisphere. you have to make sure that you plan your hiking trip to the island between March and the first weeks of May if you want to enjoy its beauty in full bloom. Not only is the weather great for walking, there are orchids all around making the landscape breathtaking. If birdwatching is something that interests you, then April and October should be your preferred months.


Pack the Basics

Depending on the time you are leaving for Cyprus, your travel bag components change. Of course, walking shoes are a must. During the summer seasons, it is going to get sunny, so pack a lot of shorts and T-shirts. You will need a nice hat and sun glasses will definitely help. On the other hand, if it is a winter hike, a few pairs of jeans and full-sleeved shirts are the way to go. Do not forget to get a few pairs of socks as well.


You have Many Options

There are so many hiking trails in Cyprus and you can pick depending on the difficulty of the terrain. The Madari Circular Walk is a 13 kilometre trail through the Troodos mountain range with the Anagia Tou Araka Church of Troodos on the way. You also get to enjoy the Xyliatos Dam from the trail and a fantastic view of the Mesaoria Plains. If you are looking for something more challengeing, then pick the Akamas Nature Trails. The three unique trails – Aphrodite Trail, Adonis Trail, and the Smigies Trail are the nature walks that form part of the Akamas Nature Trails and are totally worth the effort. If you want to take the difficulty level a notch up there are more trails like the St Georges Trail


Cyprus is a hiker’s delight. The perfect weather and the great many trails are everything you want from a great hiking trip. So, if you are a hiker, Cyprus is one destination you have to explore.