Limassol is a lovely city filled with exciting experiences. This southernmost city of Cyprus offers a lot to all kinds of tourists. Whether you want to go on a family trip, undertake an exciting solo trip,you will easily find your own vacation at Limassol.

So, if you are ready to make unforgettable memories, here is what you can do in Limassol to make them.


The enchanting village of Omodos is the most picture perfect location you can imagine. Lined by beautiful white houses, local cafes, and artisan-made souvenirs, this is the quintessential Cyprus holiday experience. Visit Omodos with family or alone for an experience like none other.And don’t forget to enjoy a traditional meal at the famous Kyr Yianni Tavern with local wines and fantastic atmosphere.

2.Limassol Zoo

Get up, close and personal with the island wildlife in the well-maintained Limassol Zoo. You will see meerkats, pygmy hippos, otters, among other animals there. You absolutely have to see the aviary in it. Limassol Zoo is a breeding and care facility for animals, and also a family picnic heaven.

3.Limassol Marina

If you are looking for your ideal beach holiday, then the Limassol Marina should be on your Limassol itinerary. The Marina does not only offer you the beach front and the island cuisine, but you can also indulge in some sailing, fishing, water-skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Ready for an adventure?

4.Fasouri Watermania

If you want to have a more controlled environment to make sure your kids have a safe beach experience, then head to Fasouri Watermania for children’s pools to heart-thumping water sports. By the way, do not miss out on the massage stations and temporary tattoo shops while you are there.

5.Sayious Adventure Park

Get on the land with the exciting activities at the Sayious Adventure Park. You can do so much here ranging from archery to rock climbing to off-road buggy rides, and more. Sayious Adventure Park is an essential part of the adventurous island trip you always wanted to have.

6.Fly High

Get a bird’s eye view of the Limassol landscape with a paragliding adventure. You will get basic lessons and will be accompanied by a professional. See the whole island unfold in front of your eyes with this aerial experience.

7.Beach Bars

Pick from one of the many beach bars to get a refreshing drink and lose yourself to the beat of excellent music. Guaba Beach Bar which is in the top 20 clubs in Europe,it is one such fantastic spot with live music, an in-house DJ, and a huge stage area for you to party.

8.Limassol Castle

For those looking for the history of the island, there is a Middle Age marvel waiting. It is the Limassol Castle which is at least 800 years old. Its big chambers, huge corridors, and a decorated basement are all a thing of beauty. You can feel time coming to a standstill when you enter the beautiful castle. Visit it for its medieval architecture, Byzantine glimpses, and it’s basilicas that are a mark of its Christian connection.

9.Kolossi Castle

A castle from the Middle Ages, Kolossi Castle plays an integral part in the history of Cyprus. The region is well-known for its sugarcane crop, and the castle was used to act as a storehouse for it. The intimidating structure may have seen better days, but it still carries the same enigma and grandeur. A must-visit for a history buff.


If you want to explore more of the historic beauty of Limassol, head to Kuorion. Here you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Kuorion. Get ready for mesmerising cliff views, wildflowers, columns with Corinthian tops, and more of ancient Roman architecture.


When you are out for your next visit to Cyprus, make sure you stop at Limassol and get your fix of the island living, eating and adventure in one shot. This beautiful city can show you some incredible things. Make sure that you savour them all.