This Mediterranean island has become a top destination for tourists from across the globe. Why is that? Because Cyprus makes every tourist’s dreams come alive. There is scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, and many fun activities in Cyprus that make it so tempting. You can even indulge in adrenaline-pumping adventures hosted by some of the best teams in the world. In fact, Cyprus has a thriving and sensational extreme sports scene going on. When you visit the country, you can enjoy one action-packed vacation. Let the adrenaline junkie in you rejoice by adding these 5 extreme sports to your Cyprus itinerary.


When surrounded by waters, dive! And Cyprus is surrounded by clear and pristine waters. So, enjoying watersports in Cyprus is just about the most natural thing that you can do. You can spend your day idly swimming, or you can make it more exciting by diving in the Cyprus waters. The island has a well-developed ecosystem of diving companies that offer state-of-the-art services to their customers. Apart from the underwater flora and fauna that divers can enjoy, they can also explore the wreck of the 11,000-tonne ferry, RS Zenobia. The huge boat looks like a gigantic building sitting at the bottom of the ocean. This ill-fated ferry went down on its maiden voyage and has now become one of the most famous shipwreck attractions the world.

Dirt Biking

Cyprus is blessed with a vast variety of terrains. In fact, it is counted amongst one of the most diverse terrains in entire Europe and is best-suited for dirt biking. Cyprus is an ideal location for having some fun on dirt bikes. There are proper dirt bike tours that the visitors can choose from. They offer services to people of all kinds of skill levels. Whether you have never been on a bike or are a pro-dirt biker, everyone can enjoy the adrenaline rush of going off-road on this island.


Paragliding is relatively new in Cyprus, but it has amassed a massive fan following. Paragliders love the launch sites in Kourion, where the south-westerly breezes coming from the sea make for a smooth glide. The Armpit is a higher spot and usually preferred by the pros. However, if the winds become strong, the Lower Sand Pit is used for launching. It is also favored by beginners, because of the relatively slower wind speeds.

Quad Biking

The wild countryside of the beautiful island of Cyprus can be explored in many ways. But, if there is a perfect marriage between sight-seeing and extreme sports, then that’s quad biking. You can check out the mountain treks, rural landscape, forests, and much more on a quad bike. There are usually group tours in Cyprus, which are preceded by safety instructions and a complete safety check. So, you are completely covered.

Wind Surfing

Thanks to the fantastic weather that Cyprus enjoys throughout the year, windsurfing is a popular extreme sport that vacationers can enjoy any time of the year. Tourists can head to one of the many windsurfing clubs where they can take lessons as well as rent equipment. Depending on where you are on the island, you have to pick the time of the day when the waters are flat, and the winds are the strongest. So, ready to feel like a bird?

Cyprus is Waiting

If you are an adventure-seeker, come to Cyprus. This is the holiday destination that you have been craving for that adrenaline rush. Seize it!